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Welcome to the Travel Hub of the Festival au Désert.

Here you can find the Tours that our Partner Travel Agencies (PTA) propose for the 2014 edition of the festival.

In order to be registered with us, a Travel Agency needs to comply to the following simple rules:

  • In good standing with the 'Office Malien du Tourisme et de l'Hotellerie' (OMATHO)
  • In good standing with the 'Registre du Commerce'
  • Current with the payment of mandatory insurance coverages
  • Having signed an agreement with the festival management to ensure a minimum standard of quality on the way to Toumbouctou; during the 3 days of the festival and on the way back. (HERE you can read the agreement that every Partner has signed )

We have decided to keep the HUB very simple: you have a list of Tours with some basic information (Routing, City of Departure, date of beginning, duration, cost); with a link to have the details about the programme; with a link for contacting the Tour Operation. That's it!

Not all tours are yet on the HUB: in the following days we are going to complete the list (especially, the Tours that start in Mopti). Thank you for your understanding!

Please note that:

The Festival Management is responsible only for the organization of the Festival itself (program, artists, logistics and security at the festival location). The Festival Management is not responsible for transportation of Festival attendees or any tourist travel. The Festival Management is not responsible either directly or indirectly to Festival attendees for any matters related to travel agencies, travel and transportation prior to the attendees arrival at or after their departure from the Festival site at Tombouctou.